On Thursday November 12th, 2015 P.O. Gregory Kimbro #368 and P.O. Timothy Conboy #393 observed an improperly parked vehicle in the parking lot of the NJ Police Headquarters. (The NJ Headquarters is located in Alpine Approach Road in the Alpine NJ Section.)  Upon inspection, the officers observed a metal grinder and marijuana residue inside the vehicle.  There was also evidence of recent narcotic activity near the vehicle as well.  At this time officers entered court which was ongoing at the time and asked for the owner of the vehicle, a 2016 white Subaru with NJ registration, to return to his vehicle.  Shortly thereafter, a white male later identified as Mr. Felix Suliveres, a 26 year old white male from Toms River NJ returned to the vehicle and confirmed that he was the owner/occupant of the Subaru.

Officers detected an odor of marijuana on Mr. Suliveres and conducted a search with negative results.  A search of Mr. Suliveres’ vehicle was subsequently searched and officers discovered 1 metal grinder containing suspected Marijuana residue located on the front passenger seat, 3 quart size bags of suspected marijuana, 1 vacuum sealed bag of suspected Marijuana 6 smaller bags of suspected Marijuana and 8 jars of suspected Marijuana all located in a black canvas bag on the front passenger floor.  The search further revealed 1 digital scale with suspected marijuana residue, 3 dutch master cigars, 25 clear empty plastic bags and 12 blue empty plastic bags all also located in the black canvas bag on the front passenger seat floor.

Mr. Suliveres was placed into custody and read his Miranda Rights.  He later stated that he was smoking marijuana approximately 30 minutes prior to court and doesn’t sell the marijuana, he only gives it away.  Once in headquarters, he was given a $17,000 bail with no 10% option.

The charges issues are as follows:

2C:35-10A(3) Possession of marijuana over 50 grams
2C:35-5B(11) Distribution of marijuana over and ounce but under 5 lbs
2C:36-3 Distribution of drug paraphernalia
2C:36-2 Possession of drug paraphernalia
2C:35-10B Under the influence of Marijuana
408.1C littering
411.1F improper parking
39:3-33 Unclear plate
39:4-49.1 Possession of narcotics in a motor vehicle