On Tuesday, December 22nd 2015 at approximately 0400hrs officers from the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department monitored radio traffic from outside agencies regarding a pursuit originating out of the City of Passaic NJ.  The vehicle, a 2014 Dodge Charger, was reported stolen and wanted in relation to a prior shooting incident in their city on another date.  Outside agencies pursued the vehicle which ultimately crossed the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan and then returned across the upper level back into New Jersey.  When the vehicle entered New Jersey, it exited from the George Washington Bridge onto the Palisades Interstate Parkway northbound.  Officers from this agency assisted a single Port Authority Police Unit who was pursuing the vehicle at this time.

The vehicle continued north on the Palisades Parkway several miles and at times turning off its headlights while PIP and the Port Authority units continued pursuit.  Shortly after cutting through the Alpine Lookout, Parkway Police officers took over the pursuit and continued north.  When the pursuit reached the area of the Closter Dock Overpass in the Alpine NJ Section, the Dodge Charger crossed the center median and onto the southbound right shoulder.   The operator jumped from the vehicle while still moving and was run over by the Charger’s rear wheel.  The operator then rolled under the guardrail and began running.  One officer (name withheld) engaged in a foot pursuit while P.O. Michael Griffin #382, P.O. Nicholas Valakas #392 and a Port Authority Police officer apprehended the remaining occupants.

While pursuing the operator on foot between the southbound lanes of the Palisades Interstate Parkway and US Route 9W, the officer observed him turn towards him with a black shiny type object in his hand.  The officer discharged one shot which missed the operator.  The operator continued to run westbound through the dark wooded area, over US Route 9W and into another wooded area.  The officer continued chase reaching the subject as he approached nearby homes.  The operator was placed into custody as backup units arrived shortly thereafter to assist.  During the foot pursuit through the woods, the operator discarded several bags of marijuana which were later recovered.

A search was conducted by multiple officers as well as the use of an Port Authority Police ESU Explosives K-9 and metal detectors with negative results.  The Bergen County Sheriff’s Department BCI Unit, Patrol Division; Alpine NJ Police Department and additional Port Authority units also responded to assist.  The operator was subsequently transported to Englewood Hosptial for minor injuries and the officer was also transported for evaluation.  It was later confirmed that the Dodge Charger was stolen out of the City of Passaic and the operator, identified as Mr. Durell Jackson, a 21 year old male from Passaic NJ, had multiple criminal warrants as well as an open NCIC warrant from Passaic for Eluding.  There were no other occupants/suspects involved in this incident.

The investigation is still fluid and active.  Further information will be released if or when available.

Durell Jackson, 21 year old male from Passaic NJ

Charged with:

2C:29-2B – Eluding by vehicle – 2nd Degree

2C:29-2A3A – Eluding by foot – 4th Degree

2C:29-2A3 – Resisting arrest – 4th Degree

2C:20-7A – Receiving Stolen Property – 3rd Degree

2C:29-3B(1) – Destruction of evidence – Disorderly Persons

2C:35-10A4 – Possession of marijuana under 50 grams – Disorderly Persons

2C:36-2 – Drug Paraphernalia – Disorderly Persons

2C:33-2A(2)- Disorderly Conduct – Disorderly Persons

2C:21-6C(1) – Possession of stolen credit card – 4th Degree
Total Bail: $95,500 no 10% option. Mug Shot Pending.

Patrice L. Ervin, 21 year old female from Passaic NJ
Charged with:

2C:20-10D – Riding in vehicle taken without permission – 4th Degree

2C:28-3A – False information to police – 4th Degree
Total bail: $12,000.00 no 10% option.

Nijah K. Cason, 19 year old female from Passaic NJ

2C:20-10D – Riding in vehicle taken without permission – 4th Degree
Total bail: $5,000 no 10% option.

Suspect Information and Charges from this agency: