On December 26, 2015 at 2245 hours P.O. David Moscaritolo #395 was on patrol traveling southbound on the Palisades Interstate Parkway in the Tenafly NJ Section.  During this time he observed a dark colored pickup truck driving without headlights.  P.O. Moscaritolo activated his warning lights and stopped the vehicle on the right shoulder.

Upon approaching the passenger side window P.O. Moscaritolo observed the rear license plate improperly mounted over another license plate already on the vehicle.  P.O. Moscaritolo also noticed that the registration characters did not match.  Once at the passenger side window, he asked the driver, identified as  Mr. James Lombardi a 45 year old male from Staten Island NY,  to exit his vehicle and sit on the rear bumper.

Sgt. Raymond Walter #367 and P.O. Eric Yi arrived shortly thereafter to assist.  While interviewing the Mr. Lombardi, a computer check returned that the license plate on the vehicle was listed as stolen.  Mr. Lombardi was then asked for and provided consent to search his vehicle.

During a search of Mr. Lombardi, he was found to be in possession of on spring loaded Mini Joker switchblade knife. During a search of Mr. Lombardi’s vehicle, multiple items were discovered.  Of which were: one clear plastic bag of suspected Heroin, one clear plastic bag of suspected Cocaine, two small yellow suspected Hydromorphone pills, and an orange straw containing suspected CDS (drug) residue. A pack of EZ wider rolling papers  and a glass tile containing suspected CDS (drug) residue was also recovered from the center armrest. The backpack observed in the rear seat of the vehicle was retrieved and confirmed by Mr. Lombardi to be his. Mr. Lombardi advised officers that the bag contained “steroids and needles”.

A search of the backpack revealed the second matching stolen license plate recovered earlier from the rear of the vehicle as well as one glass vile of suspected Testosterone Cypionate anabolic steroid, three Hypodermic Syringes, three Prescription medication bags bearing a different identity than Mr. Lombardi, a wooden case containing a metal pipe saturated with suspected Burnt CDS (drug) residue, a modified Red Bull beverage can used to conceal CDS (drug) in a hidden compartment, 20 small clear plastic zip lock type bags, a one orange pill bottle containing suspected CDS (drug) residue.

Mr. Lombardi was placed under arrest and transported to the NJ Headquarters where he was later process.


2C:35-10A(1)      Possession of Cocaine

2C:35-10A(1)      Possession of Heroin

2C:35-10A(1)      Possession of Testosterone Cypinate

2C:35-10A(1)      Possession of Hydromorphone

2C:20-7                 Receiving Stolen Property

2C:39-3E               Possession of a weapon

2C:36-2                 Possession of CDS Paraphernalia

2C:36-6                 Possession of Syringes

Total bail 50,000 with a 10% option. Subject was lodged at Bergen County Jail in lieu of bail.