On Sunday May 15th, 2016 P.O. Michael Holland #403 was traveling southbound on the Palisades Interstate Parkway in the Fort Lee NJ Section near Hudson Terrace when he stopped a white Acura TSX.  The vehicle had objects hanging from the rear view mirror and the operator was not wearing a seatbelt.  P.O. Travis Philhower #397 arrived to assist as P.O. Holland was approaching the vehicle.  Once at the driver’s door, P.O. Holland asked the operator for his license and registration.  During that time both officers detected an odor of marijuana emanating from within the vehicle.  Both occupants were asked to exit the vehicle and a search was conducted.  During the search, officers found a counterfeit 100 dollar bill, a knife, a stolen credit card, 58 empty clear plastic zip top baggies in the passenger compartment.  A consent to search the trunk was requested and granted by the operator.  During the search of the trunk, officers found a cardboard diaper box which had $700 cash and three (3) plastic bags containing two (2) pounds of marijuana.

Both occupants were later placed under arrest and transported to the NJ Headquarters for processing.  The driver was identified as Mr. Corneil Panton, a 34 year old male from Booklyn NY.  The passenger was identified as Mr. Delroy Watt, a 30 year old male also from Brooklyn NY.  Both subjects were lodged in the Bergen County Jail on $44,500.00 bail.

Charges for both occupants are as follows:

2C:35-5b(11) – Distribution of marijuana

2C:35-10A(3) – Possession of marijuana over 50 grams

2C:21-2 – Criminal Simulation

2C:36-3 – Distribution of paraphernalia

2C:39-5D – Unlawful possession of a weapon

2C:21-6C(2) – Theft of Credit Cards

2C:36-2 – Possession of paraphernalia

Driver – Corneil Panton
Driver – Corneil Panton