On Tuesday August 30th, 2016 at approximately 1507hrs, P.O. Michael Griffin #382 was traveling northbound on the Palisades Interstate Parkway in the Alpine NJ Section conducting general patrol.  During this time he observed a 2006 Dodge Caravan bearing New York registration traveling in the left lane failing to keep right for at least a mile and also displayed a defective passenger’s side tail light.

P.O. Griffin activated his warning lights and stopped the vehicle north of Interchange 2.  Once stopped, P.O. Griffin approached the vehicle and identified himself while observing two(2) occupants, a female operator and male passenger.  The operator was asked for her credentials and later identified as Hilda Lasanta, a 40 year old female from Reading PA.  He asked the operator to exit the vehicle so P.O. Griffin to discuss the reason for the stop.  During this time, P.O. Griffin requested an additional unit and Lt. Jesse Cohen #354 and P.O. Michael Holland #403 responded to assist.

After speaking with the driver, P.O. Griffin asked the passenger for his credentials.  Now identified as Mr. Scott Miller, a 33 year old male from Pine Bush NY, P.O. Griffin discovered elusive behavior and grossly conflicting information than provided by the operator.  P.O. Griffin asked for consent to search the vehicle from Ms. Lasanta which she provided.

During the search of the vehicle, a clear bag containing 300 wax folded envelopes containing heroin were located in the center console of the vehicle.  Both subject were placed into custody and transported to the NJ Headquarters for processing.

Hilda Lasanta
2C:35-5B(2) – Possession with the Intent to Distribute Heroin  (2nd Degree)
2C:35-10A(1) – Possession of Heroin  (3rd Degree)
39:3-66 – Maintenance of Lamps
39:4-88A – Failure to keep right
39:4-49.1 – CDS in MV.
$40,000 dollar bail no 10% option.
Scott Miller
2C:35-5B(2) – Possession with the Intent to Distribute Heroin (2nd Degree)
2C:39-4.1C – Possession of a Weapon in the course of committing narcotics violation (2nd degree)
2C:35-10A(1) – Possession of Heroin (3rd degree)
2C:39-5D – Possession of a weapon (knife) (4th degree) $62,500 dollar bail no 10% option.