Many motorists have service contracts of their own which may be provided through their insurance company, credit card, or vehicle warranty. These services are not allowed on the Palisades Parkway, Park areas, or other roadways in either New Jersey or New York Sections. However, because the police department is providing service, many motorists have success submitting their service receipt to their own provider who later reimburses them.Contracted Park Commission tow services do accept AAA members however please be advised of the following restrictions:

  1. Members must have a valid card in their possession which may be verified through AAA directly.
  2. Contracted tow services can only tow motorists off of Commission property however another AAA tow service must respond to your new location and tow you to a final destination.
  3. BCL Towing is a valid AAA garage and not subject to the restrictions of #2 however, they are subject to a rotational list and may not be the next available service center.