2-20-17 – Drug Arrest – Pursut – Cliff Rescue

2-20-17 – Drug Arrest – Pursut – Cliff Rescue

On Monday, February 20th 2017 at approximately 1715hrs several members of the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department were conducting a controlled narcotics purchase as part of an ongoing investigation in a stairway off Hudson Terrace in the Fort Lee NJ Section of the Palisades Interstate Park.  During the transaction, the target subject fled on the undercover officer into the wooded park area just north of the George Washington Bridge, east of Hudson Terrace.  Officers engaged in a foot pursuit and assistance from Fort Lee and Port Authority GWB were requested.

The subject continued to run east and then north through the wooded area until he came to a point where he crossed over the fenceline and began scaling down the Palisades Cliff.  As more officers converged on his location from above as well as Henry Hudson Drive below, he stopped moving and became stuck in a tree on the cliff side.  Unable to move and unable to be reached, rappel teams were requested to gain access to the subject.

He was later removed, uninjured, and placed into custody where he was later transported to the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police NJ Headquarters.  In addition to the below charges related to this incident, it was later determiend that the subject was also wanted on armed robbery charges from NYPD.  He was later lodged in the Bergen County Jail pending extradition and hearings on charges from this agency.

2C:5-2A(1) Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine 3rd degree

2C:5-2A(1) Conspiracy to Distribute Ecstasy  3rd degree

2C:29-2A(3)(B) Resist Arrest by Flight to create substantial risk if physical injury to public servant 3rdDegree

2C:28-3a Unsworn Falsification 4th degree

Held on Extraditable Warrant for Armed Robbery out of New York City Police Department.

Additional charges pending.

Mr. Anthony Lora

22 y.o. male from Bronx NY.