4-26-17 – Drug and Handgun Arrest

On Wednesday April  26th, 2017 Sgt. Gregory Kimbro #368 and P.O. Kevin Condus #401 were dispatched to the northbound Mobile gas station for a report of a hit and run motor vehicle collision.  (The Mobile station is located on the northbound lanes in the Englewood Cliffs NJ Section of the Palisades Interstate Parkway.  Once on scene, the officers met with three (3) subjects later identified as Ryan P. Oneill-Ramdhan (driver) Jeremiah R. Santiago and Bryant Vizcarrondo.  As Mr. Oneill-Ramdhan proceeded to show the damage to his vehicle, Sgt. Kimbro was able to detect the odor of raw Marijuana emanating from inside the vehicle.  At this time Mr. Oneill-Ramdhan returned to the driver’s seat to search for his license.  He was subsequently ordered out of the vehicle and a search of the occupants as well as the vehicle.  P.O. Michael Holland #403 arrived to assist and during the search of the remaining occupants, officers discovered one (1) plastic bag containing suspected marijuana in the front groin area of Mr. Santiago.  Mr. Santiago was placed under arrest and read his Miranda rights.

During the search of the vehicle, the following illegal items were found: a “ka-bar” knife, a .380 caliber hi-point CF380 hand gun with a magazine containing 6 rounds, 1 metal hatchet, 1 silicone container with suspected THC wax, 1 JUJU vaporizer with suspected liquid THC, 1 pack of Raw rolling papers, 1 pack of Backwoods cigars, 1 pack of Bambu rolling papers, 1 AWS digital scale with suspected marijuana residue, 1 glass jar with 1 plastic bag and 1 partially burnt hand rolled cigar each with suspected marijuana, 1 metal grinder with suspected Marijuana residue and Mr. Oneill-Ramdhan’s New York driver license.  Mr. Oneill-Ramdhan was read his Miranda rights and stated he understood.  Mr. Oneill-Ramdhan identified the bag containing the items as his and was placed under arrest.

Both Mr. Santiago and Mr. Ramdhan were transported to Police Headquarters for processing.  Mr. Santiago was issued and released on a Complaint Summons for 2C:35-10A(4) Possession of Marijuana.  Mr. Ramdhan was issued and released on a Complaint Summons for 2C:39-5B unlawful possession of a handgun, 2C:39-5D unlawful possession of weapon, 2C:39-4.1A Possess handgun during narcotic crime, 2C:39-4.1B Possess weapon during a narcotic crime, 2c:35-10A(4) Possess Marijuana, 2C:5-5b(12) distribution of Marijuana, 2c:36-2 Possession of drug paraphernalia and 2c:39-f(1) Possession of ammunition.

Santiago, Jeremiah R

Oneill-Ramdhan, Ryan P