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On Saturday, January 17th 2015 the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department had the honor of swearing in a total of 10 new officers, 4 whom where just recent graduates of the Cape May County Police Academy and 6 who enter the academy on January 19th. 2 Sergeants were sworn in as well and 17 awards for distinguished acts or achievements were presented. The ceremony was attended by several hundred people which packed the Historic Park Facility in the Fort Lee section of the Palisades Interstate Park.

Sworn in were:

Police Officer Martin Clancy#390, Police Officer Arturo Bellini #391, Police Officer Nicholas Valakas #392, Police Officer Timothy Conboy #393. All of which recently graduated the 37th class of the Cape May County Police Academy.

Police Officer Eric Yi #394, Police Officer Andrew Flax #395, Police Officer Donald Liu #396, Police Officer Travis Philhower #397, Police Officer Evan Teel #398, and Officer David Moscaritolo #399.

Sergeant Raymond Walter #367 and Sergeant Jock Watkins #369

All members were sworn in by Judge Marc. A. Raso, JMC. The newly appointed members were a welcomed addition to the department as they will replace officers who retired, transferred to other agencies, or were promoted.

Members of the department who received recognition were as follows:

Drug Interdiction Award – P.O. Gregory Kimbro #368

Educational Achievement Award – Lt. Jesse Cohen #354, Lt. Roman Galloza #345, and Officer Jeffrey Lamboy #384

Civilian Service Award – Carson Mitchell of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission

Distinguished Volunteer Service – P.O. Michael Griffin #382 and P.O. Dana Eustace #389

Excellent Arrest Award – Lt. Jesse Cohen #354, Lt. Roman Galloza #345, P.O. Gregory Kimbro #368, and P.O. Adam Temporale #386

Chief’s Achievement Award – – Lt. Jesse Cohen #354, Lt. Roman Galloza #345, Sgt. Raymond Walter #367, Sgt. Joseph Mourao #343, Sgt. Jock Watkins #369, Sgt. Fabricio Salazar #362