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On Friday, April 29th 2016 the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department recieved several reports of a strong odor of fuel in the area of shoreline along the Palisades Interstate Park in the Englewood Cliffs NJ Section.  Officers responded along the shore line with park staff as well as observation points at the lookouts.  Members of the Marine Operations Bureau located a large “sheen” in the river approximately 1 mile in length and believed to be an unknown type petroleum based product.  With river currents moving the product and several ships in the area, a source could not be identified as the spill or leak had stopped prior to officers arriving.


The lower park area was closed due to a strong petroleum / fuel based odor in the area.  Marine Operations members coordinated with the United States Coast Guard Sector New York and National Response Center.  The product dissipation was rapid enough where mitigation was not necessary.  The product spill is considered to be minor in nature and impact to the Palisades Interstate Park shoreline is being monitored.

No further release will be made unless there is a notible impact or a source is identified.