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On Monday, May 30th 2016 at approximately 1620hrs the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department received a report of a fallen hiker in the area of Peanut Leap Falls.  Peanut Leap is located in the Palisades Interstate Park on the New Jersey, New York border.   The victim was reportedly still trapped in the waterfall and injured.  Officers responded along with Closter EMS and Paramedics from Englewood Hospital to the scene via Parkway Police Marine Units 1 and 4.

Due to the remote location and shallow depth, EMS and Paramedics were transferred from Marine 1 to Marine 4 in order to be brought on land.  Once on scene, EMS discovered a 17 year old juvenile approximately 70 feet up the waterfall face kneeling on a rock formation.  A request for the Rappel unit from Closter EMS was made as well as a request for Alpine Fire Department to stand by.  As with the EMS assets, the rappel team was also transported to the scene via the marine units.

Rappel members ascended above the victim in order to lower to his location and secure him.  Once secured, Rappel members lowered the victim to the ground where he was immediately carried to the awaiting Marine 4.  The victim was then transported to Alpine Boat Basin where he was then rushed to Hackensack University Medical Center for treatment.

It was later determined that the juvenile (17 years old from Elmwood Park NJ, Name Withheld), was climbing the trails with friends.  During that time, he began swinging from a tree where he landed on a rock.  The rock gave way causing him to fall several feet down the waterfall.  He sustained several internal injuries and was unable to move until rescued.

Marine 1 was commanded by Lt. Roman Galloza #345 with a crew of P.O. Timothy Conboy #393 and P.O. Michael Focarino #399

Marine 4 was commanded by Chf. Michael Coppola #348 with a crew of P.O. Anthony Burgos #398