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On Thursday, July 7th, 2016 the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department continued a search for a missing person, Mr. Collin Everett from Paramus NJ, in the Palisades Interstate Park. The search was conducted at 0900hrs beneath State Line Lookout in the Alpine NJ Section. With the assistance of a cadaver K-9 from the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department and the Palisades Interstate Park Commission Trail Crew, search crews were able to locate a deceased person in a remote area of the cliffs approximately 1/4 mile north of the main lookout. The victim was located on a ledge above the cliff base in a tree line and inaccessible.

The Regional Rappel Response for the Palisades Interstate Park was requested and responded. Crews were able to descend from above to the area of the victim’s location however cliff side terrain added to difficulty with accessing and removing the victim. Later, additional fire and police personnel were transported by Marine units 2 and 4 to the base of the cliffs and began an upward hike to the scene.

After several hours, and in times of intense rain and thunderstorms, crews were able to access the victim with additional high-angle techniques and transport them down to the awaiting boats. The victim was pronounced deceased at the scene and transported to the Englewood Boat Basin at approximately 1900hrs for additional investigation. Due to the victim’s condition, positive identification cannot be made and additional forensic examinations are needed. Its is currently estimated that the victim has been at the location for several days. Detectives from the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department are working with the Paramus NJ Police Department on a possible identification however at this time, there is no confirmation that this is Mr. Everett.

A cause of death is also pending by a full autopsy from the Bergen County Medical Examiner. The location the victim was found was below a remote area in the north end of the State Line Lookout. The suspected departure point is beyond barrier fencing and off unmarked, manmade trails that are not open to the public. At this time there do not appear to be suspicious circumstances however the investigatio will be ongoing.