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Internal Affairs

The department is currently broken into the following divisions and responsibilities:

Office of the Chief

Responsible managing the overall day to day administration and operations of the department while maintaining the department’s dedication to its mission, goals, and objectives.

Lieutenants Office

Responsible for administrative functions and processing as well as inter-public and inter-agency correspondences. Responsible for the day to day supervision of Sergeant Staff and operations.

Patrol Sergeants

Sergeants are responsible for the daily activities of their patrolmen and ensuring that the commission properties and public are properly covered.

Detective Sergeant

The Detective Sergeant is responsible for the day to day operations of the Detective Bureau, accountability of the Detectives assigned to the Bureau, and ensuring the Bureau maintains a positive course of progression.


Detectives are responsible for advanced investigation and case management needs which are not practical for the patrol officer to handle. This would include, but not be limited to: financial and fraud crimes; accident reconstruction; death investigations; unidentified person investigations; narcotic, financial and weapon crimes; as well as more complex stolen auto and crimes in transit.


Officers are responsible for the 9-1-1 response and mitigation of incidents occurring on the Palisades Interstate Park Commission property. Included areas are not only the Interstate Parkway but also the lower park areas, commission buildings and facilities, Hudson Riverside area, and large events held within the jurisdiction. Some of the basic day to day activities include disabled autos; motor vehicle collisions; death investigations; narcotic, impaired driver, motor vehicle, and visitor law enforcement; area security and building checks; injured/lost hiker rescues; various marine emergencies; medical emergencies; and court security.

Security Officers

Security Officers are primarily responsible for police dispatch and court security. This is usually the first phase in our Police Officer hiring process.