Court Overview

The Court of the Palisades Interstate Park is responsible for any violations (criminal, motor vehicle or otherwise) issued within the New Jersey jurisdiction of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission. Indictable crimes will have a first appearance here however case management thereafter is handled through the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office.

Court is in session, each Monday at 5:30PM, Tuesdays at 9:00AM and 3:00PM and Thursdays at 5:30PM. Court is located in the NJ Headquarters on Alpine Approach Road in Alpine NJ. If you have a violation of any type, and wish to speak with the court, they may be contacted at:

NJ Court Offices – 201-768-8702
NJ Court Fax – 201-767-2165
NJ Court E-Mail – gro.D1569043684PPIP@1569043684struo1569043684C1569043684

Warning: Failing to appear for a court date may result in the immediate issue of: license suspension, arrest warrants, increased penalties.


Court commences promptly at your designated scheduled time and the judge will conduct an attendance and plea request immediately following the start. If you feel that you will be unable to make your court date on time, it is imperative that you contact the court ahead of time.

Visitors of the court must adhere to the following:

  • Non-religious head coverings are not allowed.
  • Proper attire is required.
  • Tank tops, shorts, and inappropriate clothing is not allowed.
  • Cell phone use and other materials (ex: newspapers, magazines, electronic devices) are strictly prohibited.
  • Talking and other communications deemed disruptive by the court officer are not allowed.

Any violations of the above listed items will be cause for being removed and issued another court date.

Court Cancellations

No adjournments are granted within seven (7) days of your court date without a verifiable emergency. This would include, but not be limited to: Hospitalizations, emergency doctor appointments, accidents, dependent care, deaths.

On rare occasions, court sessions may need to be cancelled for a declared State of Emergency, inclement weather, or other emergencies which are not holidays. In those circumstances, court staff will make every reasonable effort to contact those on the court schedule regarding the cancellation. If you are unsure about a potential cancellation, please do not assume that court is cancelled and contact the number above.


Also known as a “DA” or “District Attorney” in New York, the Prosecutor is responsible for the prosecution of cases on behalf of “The State”. Persons wishing to speak with the Prosecutor may do so after acknowledging their attendance with the Judge by quietly exiting the court room and standing on line adjacent to the water fountain. Attorneys are seen first and non-attorney representation is a first come, first serve basis.


Parking for court is located on Alpine Approach Road. Vehicles may be parked on the southbound shoulder of Alpine Approach Road across from the parking lot and both shoulders once passed the main entrance. Vehicles must be parked as not to block the travel portion of the roadway.

Court parking is not permissible in any areas between the headquarters building and Alpine Approach Road. Visitors are urged to watch for signage which will indicate authorized and non-authorized parking areas.

Handicapped parking is located directly in front of the building adjacent to the traffic circle/flag pole area.

Payment Options

If you would like to pay a summons (also referred to as a “ticket”), you may do so by clicking the link to the right. Before proceeding, please be aware of the following:

  • Ensure that your summons does not require a court appearance. You can determine this by looking for the red writing towards the bottom of the summons that states “Court Appearance Required”. If this is checked or otherwise marked, you MUST appear in court and online payment is not allowed. A FAILURE TO APPEAR IN COURT WILL AUTOMATICALLY GENERATE A WARRANT FOR YOUR ARREST. To learn more about what to do next, for court information.
  • Only motor vehicle summonses may be paid online. Park Commission must be paid directly through the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Court. CLICK HERE for court information. A motor vehicle summons will have a blank or fully black “Prefix” box. A Park Commission summons will have “SC” in the “Prefix” box.
  • When paying a summons, you will be asked for several pieces of information. Everything you need can be found on your summons except for a “Prefix Code”. When entering this code, you may leave this box blank and then continue to the next step.

The court currently accepts checks, money orders and cash as payment. An ATM is located in the lobby for your convenience. Optionally, for matters that DO NOT require a court appearance, you may pay online at