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On Thursday, June 11th 2015 Sgt. Fabricio Salazar #362 assisted Sfc. Gregory Williams of the NJ State Police Public Affairs Unit with a presentation for Paterson Public Schools. Together with Cmdr. Kathy Burgos of the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office and Captain Evans of the Paterson Fire Department, each agency worked together to provide a presentation for Public School #24. The presentation was part of the program “Empowering Our Children” hosted by Ms. Guillen and Ms. Liberato of P.S. #24. The “Empowering Our Children” program was created to create a relationship between children from the inner city and the various areas of public safety including law enforcement, fire, and EMS.

The agencies presented equipment used in the field and gave overviews of not only the agencies they represented, but also a more community oriented aspect of the jobs. The program was well received and the children concluded with a much more accurate understanding of the public safety relationships than what has been purported in the media.