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Fatal Accident Investigation Unit (FAIU)

The Fatal Accident Investigation Unit (FAIU) is comprised of dedicated officers who are highly trained and work behind the scenes of serious or fatal collisions. Members of FAIU are looking for clues and collecting evidence to assess whether a crime has been committed and what caused the crash to occur.

Reconstruction investigations necessitate meticulous concentration, coupled with high yielding efficiency. Most scenes are located on the highway and can cause untimely back-ups for motorists. This requires FAIU members to work fast and constantly re-evaluate traffic management strategies to ensure delays are kept to a minimum throughout the on-scene investigation. Depending on the circumstances, FAIU members may require portions of roadways to be closed for extended periods in order to identify and document each and every piece of evidence.

FAIU members focus on the presence of physical evidence. They identify, collect and analyze tire marks, pavement scarring, vehicle damage and debris patterns. Careful examination is given to those items found at and leading up to scenes.