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At On April 29th 2014 approximately 0600 hours Sgt. Lawrence Barcza and PO Gregory Kimbro were conducting routine patrol operations of the northbound Sunoco gas station. This is located along the northbound lanes of the Palisades Interstate Parkway in the Englewood Cliffs NJ Section.

During their checks they observed a black Chrysler improperly parked and with several equipment violations. Officers observed a single occupant apparently sleeping. The Officers approached the vehicle and asked for License and registration from the driver and in doing so, the Officers detected the odor of raw Marijuana emanating from inside the vehicle. The operator, Mr. Muhammad Khan, was asked to step out of the vehicle and a search was conducted with negative results.

Officers then obtained a voluntary consent to search the vehicle from Mr. Kahn. During the search of the vehicle, Sgt. Barcza located one pack of raw rolling papers containing one piece of plastic containing suspected Marijuana located in the center console, one pack of bamboo rolling papers also located in the center console, one Blackwater 4.5mm bb gun with bb’s located in the trunk, one wooden baton located in the trunk. He was placed under arrest by Sgt Barcza and transported to Police Headquarters for processing.