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Media Outlets

The Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department, prior to the creation of this website, has made every reasonable effort to evenly distribute information across all media organizations. However sometimes, each organization may have a specific question that may not have been published in a release.

Please understand that each press release is reviewed for completeness and accuracy before being published. They are designed to address all areas of an event which are allowed to be released based on the type of event and the time the release is published. Not every question can be answered and in some cases, should not be answered based on those factors. (Example: Victim’s names, if a suspect is being tracked, cause of death, etc). Most of those questions can/will be answered when time permits.

Information Requests

Information Requests
It is the policy of this agency that information shall only be released by the Public Information Officer (“P.I.O.”) to ensure timeliness, accuracy, and consistency. Members who are not responsible for information releases will only be able to provide you with the latest publication or refer you back to this website.

All event Press Releases including daily activities (also known as a “Police Blotter”) are highlighted on the main page of this site and can be directly found HERE. 

You may also follow RSS and Twitter feeds as well.

If you are looking for more than a copy of the recent release, and need additional clarification on published information, you may contact the Public Information Officer at  All requests will be answered as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that media inquiries come secondary to the mitigation of an emergency event or investigation.

All information is released pursuant to NJ Governor’s Executive Order 69.

Media Content

Official artwork for use with this agency can be found HERE as well as our official Twitter page located @ParkwayPolice