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On Thursday, April 28th 2016 members of the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department said fairwell to Officer Arturo Bellini #391 who was being deployed with his Army Reserve Unit to Kabul Afghanistan.  P.O. Bellini will be deployed for the better part of 12 months on a special security detail at the US Military Base in Kabul assigned to protective services to the base General.

We were proud to have P.O. Bellini, accompanied by his family, join us for a flag raising ceremony in front of headquarters before he deployed late that night.  In his absence, a Support Our Troops flag with his badge number embroidered on it, will fly in front of the NJ Headquarters until he returns.

A new Police Department flag, designed by Lt. R. Galloza #345, was presented to P.O. Bellini who will fly the flag at the US Base in Kabul.  We wish P.O. Bellini the best and look forward to him returning home