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In October of 2014, Chief Michael Coppola #348 and Sgt. Raymond Walter #367 attended the National Traffic Incident Management Train-the-Trainer course held in Kearny NJ. The 2 day course was designed to create other instructors who can teach the National Traffic Incident Management framework to the state’s first responders.

The course, Traffic Incident Management for Emergency Responders, is designed to instill the national framework mission amongst all responders to emergency incidents on the state and national highways. Students are taught a multi-disciplined, and consistent traffic incident management program which promotes first responder safety; safe, quick clearance practices; and prompt, reliable incident communication.

All members of the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police Department received the Traffic Incident Management training over two course dates between November and January. Chief Coppola, who also sits on the the New Jersey Statewide Traffic Incident Management Steering Committee, is working with others including the NJ Department of Transportation, NJ State Police, and the NJ Division of Fire Safety to coordinate with other State and Local agencies to deploy training.

There are over 150 trainers in the state diligently working to provide this free training. Hopefully, all who respond to highway incidents, are better informed, better trained, and more consistent in their operations. This will ultimately make incidents, although unfortunate, safer for the state’s emergency responders and clear incidents more quickly.